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  • Klavže water barriers - slovenian piramids (photo: RŽS Archive)
    Visit the monumental klavže water barriers
  • Geopark Idrija (photo: Archive RŽS Idrija)
    Read about Geopark Idrija
  • Hacquetia epipactis (photo: Mojca Gorjup Kavčič)
    Find a typical plants
  • Mercury (photo: Archive RŽS Idrija)
    Meet the only liquid metal at room temperature
  • Omphalodes verna (photo: Martina Stupar)
    Enjoy the unspoiled nature
  • Sinsediment cinnabar ore (photo: Archive RŽS Idrija)
    Visit and know the unique mercury ore deposit
  • Rovtar peak (photo: Mojca Gorjup Kavčič)
    Enjoy the genuine nature
  • Dynamic world of the Idrija hills (photo: Mojca Gorjup Kavčič)
    Explore the dynamic world
  • Climber on her way to Javornik (photo: MGK)
    Climb to the peaks and enjoy the view
  • Miner\'s House (photo: Dunja Wedam STO)
    Know the life of typical miner in Idrija
  • Megalodontide limestone (photo: Martina Stupar)
    Know the wonderful world of fossils and rocks
  • Yellow Lady\'s Slipper (photo: Anka Vončina)
    Find the habitats of typical plants
  • Ladinian beds (photo: Mojca Gorjup Kavčič)
    Meet and explore interesting geology
  • Klavže watter barrier (photo: MGK)
    Meet the technological mirracle of its time
  • Outdoor activities (photo: Urban Šlabnik)
    Relax in nature
  • Wild Lake (photo: Archive RŽS Idrija)
    Cave, spring and lake in one
  • Wild lake (photo: Arhive RŽS Idrija)
    Visit the first natural monument
  • Idrija Lace (photo: Dunja Wedam STO)
    Try yourself in making lace
  • Frog in the Bedrova grapa (photo: Mojca Gorjup Kavčič)
    Enjoy the unspoiled nature
  • Gewerkenegg castle (photo: Archive Municipality of Idrija)
    Monument of national importance
  • The Idrija Geopark lies in the western part of Slovenia and comprises the area of the municipality of Idrija. The town of Idrija is reputed primarily for having the second largest mercury mine in the world. The area of the Geopark has an extremely diversified morphology, featuring deep and narrow ravines and gorges, as well as vast, high-lying, karstified plateaus, which is due to its position at the meeting point of the alpine and Karst worlds. The Idrija Geopark follows the basic concept of geoparks: to unite the protection, promotion and marketing of geological heritage that is, precisely at this location, unique on an international scale. It unites the richness of geological and other natural and cultural heritage with traditional cuisine, domestic arts and crafts, services and tourist attractions which the area can offer to visitors. More ...




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    Kick-off meeting of Danube GeoTour project in Idrija, Slovenia from 13th-15th March 2017

    Wednesday, 29. march 2017

    During 13th - 15th March the first get-together of the project partners at the Kick-off meeting took place. All partners of the Danube GeoTour...


    Friday, 24. february 2017

    During 13th-15th March 2017 the KICK-OFF MEETING OF DANUBE GEOTOUR PROJECT (Valorisation of geo-heritage for sustainable and innovative tourism...

    ON-LINE RESEARCH of national curricula and methodology of natural science teaching

    Tuesday, 07. february 2017

    The ESTEAM project, (Enhancement of School Teaching Methods, by linking between schools, experts and geoparks in combination with outdoor activities...


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