Geopark idrija Visitor Centre

Idrija Tourism Board created a new Visitor Centre in Idrija UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Visitor Centre is situated in Idrija city centre and is an excellent starting point for discovering the Idrija Geopark. In the Centre you will learn how the Earth's forces have influenced the creation of the Idrija region and how they formed the life in it. The exhibition presents the whole Geopark area through models, interesting exhibits, animations and video presentations. For our youngest visitors, we have three stations for kids where they can discover sights and laws of nature in a playful and interactive way.


The exhibition "Written in rocks" can be seen VIRTUALLY.



TIC Idrija (Idrija UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Centre)

Prelovčeva 5

5280 Idrija



Visitor Centre flyer HERE


Opening hours of the Visitor Centre

Every day: 9 AM-5 PM




50% on individual visits

10% on guided tour for group

(* The discount is valid since 24 August 2020)

Earth is a living planet. Through its inner and surface processes

it creates an environment that the whole living world adapts to.

You are invited to take a walk through the geological history of the processes

that have been co-creating the image

 of planet Earth and the Idrija area.

The Idrija Geopark Visitor Centre was created in the Interreg Danube GeoTour project, which connects eight EU countries and several geoparks. One of the main goals in the project was establishing new geoproducts and new geointerpretation sites, based on the unique natural and cultural heritage.

Geointerpretation - interpretation of the geological heritage was one of the main topics within the project. In Idrija UNESCO Global Geopark the selected challenge for interpretation was tectonics with its major role in shaping the morphology of the area and in mineralisation of the mercury ore deposit. Tectonic features of the Idrija area, with idrija fault being the main one, influenced nature, landscape and morphology and consequently history, lifestyle and character of the people. This is the general story and the underlying theme of the new Visitor Centre. The exhibition in the Centre informs you about Idrija Geopark in a holistic way and inspires you to discover and explore a variety of wonderful places in Idrija urban, rural and natural area.





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