About the Idrija Selective collective trademark

In a landscape, where there is nothing flat, where even flatlands are set upright, generations have sustained here for centuries. Despite the harsh living conditions, these friendly, resourceful and creative people have settled the Idrija area. The diligent hands of both rational and humorous people have made products that carry the Idrija Selected certificate.

The IDRIJA SELECTED certificate of excellence is awarded to high quality products that use local raw materials and offer an insight into the traditions, culture and way of life in the wider Idrija area. Products made with care and love bear evidence to a rich cultural tradition in this area.

Just as chefs say about Idrija žlikrofi that they are as life – something delicious made from simple ingredients, the same goes for Idrija products that bear the Idrija Selected certificate. Although they are made from simple, domestic, local ingredients, they reflect excellence and the finest quality. The people who created them instilled part of their lives into them, their souls, their endurance and tenderness, the tastes of nature and the surrounding countryside and the bourgeois touch.

You can taste, identify and experience all these nuances in the dishes, crops and products of Idrija Selected. Find them at local marketplaces, at vendors, in our online store, and indulge in your choice of products from our wide range.

Idrija Selected products

Photos: Bojan Tavčar




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