Together - for the future of european rural areas (RurAll)

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Programme: Europe for citizens

Action: 2.1.: Town Twinning

Project partners: Idrija Heritage Centre and Comune di Abbadia San Salvatore

Duration of the project: 1.7.2016 - 20.4.2017

Budget: 10.000 EUR



The project activities fully connect two ex-mining municipalities – Idrija and Abbadia San Salvatore, which have already been project partners in the past. Both areas were once strongly characterised by mining but today they are faced with solving the consequences of mining in the environment, the challenges of preserving the rich technical mining heritage and the development of sustainable forms of tourism with the inclusion of the mining heritage and the heritage of the countryside. For this very reason both municipalities have decided to strengthen and further develop their existing mutual cooperation. 

The main purpose of the project is the interconnection of the rural population from the Idrija and Abbadia San Salvatore municipalities with the aim of strengthening cooperation, learning  good practices of preserving the heritage of the countryside, the possibilities of common development of forms of sustainable tourism in the countryside and the possibility of active participation of rural population in European policy-making.

With active participation of rural population, cooperation of representatives of the professional  public and of the local communities of both project partners we wish to encourage the participants to active discussion about the possibilities of preserving the heritage of the countryside and the development of the European countryside with emphasis on the development of sustainable forms of tourism. The main goals we wish to achieve with the envisaged project activities are the interconnection of the population from the European countryside and by that strengthening the common European identity of the rural population. The interconnection and cooperation of both partners will enable mutual promotion of tourist products, design of common communication tools provided for promotion of tourist products and service providers in the countryside, learning good practices of sustainable forms of tourism in the countryside and their development and design of promotion brochures and common tourist products with emphasis on sustainable forms of tourism and preserving the heritage of the countryside. 

All activities are Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.



Idrija Geopark (Idrija Heritage Centre)

The Idrija Heritage Centre Public Institute coordinates the management, conservation and promotion of Idrija’s regional heritage, as well as the interpretation and sustainable tourism development of Idrija as a destination. IHC is also a major tourist organization with a tourist agency and tourist information centre in the Municipality of Idrija, responsible for designing and marketing tourist attractions, informing, promoting, and co-designing Slovenian tourism offers and promoting tourism development.

IHC is responsible for coordination of Idrija Geopark, which has strong experiences with data collecting in the fields of geology and interpretation of natural and cultural heritage in Idrija Geopark area. Geopark Idrija is also responsible for innovative intepretation of natural and cultural heritage, education about heritage and good cooperation between Geopark and its partner network.  

Employees are working in the field of promotion and marketing of tourist services , developing new tourism products , care providers for integration within the area and have experience in the financial and content management events and projects . In addition, employees through collaborations already established a wide network of contacts. throughout the European Union.


Municipality of Abbadia San Salvatore


Project activities will take place in ex-mining municipality Abbadia San Salvatore from 13th to 15th October 2016. 

Both partners are planning following project activities:

- expert discussions and roundtable about the main challenges in developing sustainable tourism in rural areas in participating municipalities

- project excursion with presentation of examples of good practices

- cultural, entertainment and animation program

- workshop - preparing the tourism products with participants

- presentations, degustation and promotion of providers from rural areas





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