Geopark - plan and establishment of geopark of regional importance

The purpose of this project is to deal with the areas that are crucial for the operation of the geopark like the analysis and evaluation of natural and cultural resources with the emphasis on geological value, the strategic plan for the geopark development, the development of public infrastructure and the model for managing and promotion of the geopark. All these activities will meet basic demands for the operation of the geopark.
In order to improve the social and economic state of the community, the activities of the proposed project support the development and encourage the sustainable development of the region through geotourist activities. Geotourism follows the trend of sustainable development and promotes the concept of tourism that protects the nature and at the same time encourages the welfare of local population. The development of geotourism is based on natural development, where the emphasis is laid not only on the development of secondary activities, keeping the population steady, the preservation of cultivated landscape and joining tourism with nature-friendly sports activities, but also on nature protection, where activities follow protection regimes, and the preservation of natural resources. Especially farming and forestry are promoted.

Project Contents
The key activities are:
  • creating scientific bases, producing documents, writing reports and project documentation for the conception and establishment of the Idrija Geopark
  • establishment of organisation, operation and communication 
  • drafting promotional texts and providing accessories for interpretation signs
  • public communication
The project deals in detail with the area of special protection regimes and provides the implementation of tasks in the context of the activities mentioned above. The project will be carried out on the principle of project management and cooperation between partners. The key professional, administrative and development staff came together in order to cooperate in, carry out and evaluate the project in terms of its organisation. A project team with expertise from different areas and different functions has been formed. By forming the project board, the inspection, quality insurance and the desired results will be ensured. The person responsible for the project team is the project leader.  
Methodology depends on the level of activities, done by the members (experts, participants, target group(s)):
  • analysis of the current state
  • individual work in development and research, and professional team work 
  • discussions with participants
  • team work
  • round-table meetings
  • workshops
  • methods to find out the current status, search for initiatives and opinions on development (questionnaires or interviews) 
  • documenting
  • inspection and reports

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