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The area of the Geopark is situated at the meeting point of the alpine and dinaric worlds, and comprises the higher-lying, flat karst world into which water courses, such as numerous torrential streams, have cut deep valleys and gorges. One quarter of the Geopark is comprised of higher-lying, flat plateaus.

Above the high-lying flat world the mountain tops rise, which offers magnificent wiews – from Adriatic See to the Triglav, the highest slovenian mountain. The highest peak in Geopark Idrija is Javornik (14241), which is part of the mountain range , encircling the southern part of the Geopark. On some locations locals built a wooden panoramic towers.


Javornik lies at an altitude of 1241 m and is the highest peak in the Idrija Geopark. On the higher parts of its southern slopes, fragments of dry grassland with mountain flora are reserved. Habitat of the wood grouse. Pirnat's alpine hostel is situated below the peak.

Razgledni stolp na Javorniku Žig na Hudourniku_MK


A viewing point along the edge of the Vojsko plateau. A site of endemic and protected plant species (Primula carniolica).

Pri Gnezdu (Pr'kolu)

Viewing point of the Julian and Kamnik Alps and the Karavanke mountains. In the vicinity is a memorial plate dedicated to the wounded combatants and staff of the Pavla Partisan Hospital.


Viewing point of the entire valley of the Upper Idrijca River – Bedrova grapa, Kramaršca, and Mrzla rupa to the Črni vrh plateau, Javornik.

Pogled proti Idrijskemu logu - Vodonos_MK

Hleviška planina mountain pasture

View of Idrijski Log, Mt. Javornik and the Trnovo Forest and the valleys of the Idrijca River (Lajšt) and Belca stream. The northern slopes known as Slanice are covered with beech forests, occasionally mixed with sites of yew trees. A site of endemic and protectedplant species (Primula carniolica, Rhododendron hirsutum).



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