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The project of establishing the Idrija Geopark was started in 2008 by the Idrija Mercury Mine and the Idrija Municipality on the basis of a mutual agreement. The Idrija Municipality has established a consulting working body (Committee), which prepared expert geological basis and other expert materials for establishing and interpreting the thematic paths content and carried out promotional, educative and connective activities with exterior contractors.

In 2010, the Idrija Municipality established with a local decree a public institution – the Idrija Heritage Centre (IHC), within later Idrija Geopark was officially estabished (OG RS, no. 55/2010, 73/2010). The programme of Geopark Idrija encompasses protection of natural heritage and geological heritage, researching, developing and touristic activities in connetion  to public and private partners.

IHC is the legal entity providing legal and financial framework for Idrija Geopark, and as such it is the main developer and manager of the Idrija Geopark. For the purpose of managing and developing the Geopark, IHC has contractual relations with the two key managers of the cultural and natural heritage connected to the Idrija ore deposit and mining in the mercury mine – the Idrija Municipal Museum and the Idrija Mercury Mine.

The Geopark Idrija organisation is comprised of several bodies: the management body is the Council of the Institute, the executive body is the director and expert and partner group, which includes the expert and partner organisations and institutions needed for operating.



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